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When you sponsor Nosotros, you associate your company with a long history full of accomplishments as we are the first Latino Arts Advocacy of its kind established over 40 years ago by Ricardo Montalban.

Your company will gain a unique mixture of hospitality, exposure,and recognition because our membership and network of supporters accurately reflects the tremendous and rich diversity of the Latino culture, including a diverse audience of performing arts and film enthusiasts, emerging and established talent, entertainment professionals, and lets not forget the various communities we serve with our performing arts and media programs.

Our members and supporter base is nationally together with the partnered networks we have access to for marketing and promotions such as NALIP,  Film Independent, MOCITI, The Table and HOLA (just to name a few) puts Nosotros' reach all well over a diverse and effective amount to help your company's sponsorship make an impact.


We strive to create a sponsorship package that best fits your company ability to support Nosotros. We welcome all goods, services as well as monetary support as sponsorship. And of course it is all tax deductible!

As a sponsor, your company has the stellar opportunity to:

  • Gain recognition as a sponsor of a well-respected and historic organization founded by in part the great Ricardo Montalban.
  • Share your companies skills and expertise in order to have a positive impact in the entertainment industry as a whole.
  • Access our membership and supporters directory to discover new ideas, talent, and potential customers for your industry.
  • Contribute to the development of opportunities for Latinos and other minorities in the industry while serving your community.

Some of the benefits available according to your level of participation are:   

  • Access to year-round to Nosotros workshops, mixers, screenings and festivals
  • Billing with your logo and/or write-up of your company on all Nosotros printed materials
  • Billing with prominent placement of logo in all workshops, mixers, screenings and festivals
  • A separate press announcement and press conference announcing your sponsorship
  • Website link recognized on our website
  • On-Site Presence & Sampling opportunities (includes product distribution in gift bags)

For additional information on sponsorship, please contact us at:


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Join the network and get connected - Nosotros Network e-Group for member post on jobs, casting calls, events and more!

give a little - help a lot


Your donation of funds, goods and/or services will always be appreciated.

To learn more about how your donations help - read more here.

Nosotros is a Proud Alumnus  of the Annenberg Alchemy Program.

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